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05 October, 2014

(Not so) Sunny Sunday

Good evening beauties :)
Enjoying the last of the weekend, I hope!  The English weather really has kicked in now, hasn't it? Not that I mind.  I love the rain so long as I'm not stuck out in it :P

I don't know how, but Sundays have magically become cleaning days for us.  Not that I mind, it's a fresh start to the week and nothing feels better than a clean home.

We finally managed to get rid of the pretty decent amount of boxes we've somehow managed to accumulate during this move and with stuff constantly still arriving for the flat, an entire room can easily just be with opened boxes and the ridiculous amount of packaging.  Took the liberty of cleaning out our little "backyard" area…why it hadn't been done as even just a courtesy when we first moved in, I do not know but I can barely recognise it now it looks so good!

Enjoying some yummy salad as I polish off the last of Prison Break (soooo good! I'd recommend it :) and read a couple of my favourite blogs before I hoover this place top-to-bottom.  And last, but not least, treat myself to cleaning as well in our precious bubble bath with a magazine or book in hand, some of my newly downloaded music playing…A perfect Sunday.

Two little treats arrived in the post for me yesterday, one of them being the sought-after MAC Diva lipstick.  I've been wanting to get my hand on this baby for far too long now, I'm obsessed with the dark red lip trend that's taken over so I'm quite happy at the moment!

Secondly, more of a need than a treat really but a new make-up brush is still a new make-up brush :)  Nearly all of mine are from Eco Tools and I'm satisfied enough with them to not really venture out looking for others.  They are so soft, easy to wash, and are made with cruelty-free bristles.  Great brand!

Happy Sunday, have a great start tomorrow!



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