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25 October, 2014

Notting Hill Flat: Snapshots

We've been here for nearly two months now and are, admittedly, still trying to make the place look and feel like home.  The great thing about moving is the challenge to take a new place as a blank canvas and morph it into your own so that you feel comfortable, at peace, and see pieces of you reflected throughout.

Without a doubt, we definitely are still missing a few things before it's completely "finished" in my eyes but unpacking fully, rearranging furniture, letting out your creative streak, giving the entire place a really good clean every week--it's all those necessary baby-steps forward.  It's a lot harder this time around because our landlord has some crazy restrictions when it comes to decorating and financially our situation is very different from when we lived in Odense but in time, hopefully, it'll feel and be our new home.

What do you guys to to make your places feel like home?  For me it's those key items that make all of the difference--paintings and photographs being at the top of that list.  I purchased three paintings in Italy while I was in Rome with my IB class on our study trip and I love them so much.  You probably recognise them from some of the pictures taken at our old apartment :)

Candles and plants/flowers really do it for me as well and I'm at a lack of both at the moment so that will have to change ASAP!

Hope you're all doing well and staying warm during the kick-off to Autumn/Fall 2014 :)

Loads of love,


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