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04 October, 2014

Halloween Decorations: 2014

Gooooodddd morning and a good Saturday to you all :)

Yesterday seemed like a never-ending day to the point where when I remembered/reflected on things from earlier on that morning, I thought it happened the day before!  Spent some of my strange abundance of time decorating our flat with some Halloween-y touches.  It's my favourite holiday right after Christmas…if the two aren't tied :D

With my unfortunate lack of artistic materials in the house, I had to go the easy route and much of them are pictures I've printed out off the internet and hung up throughout but I think it looks great!! I'm particularly fond of my bats!!

I'll be headed to The Pound Store some time this weekend to pick up a few fun things as well but until that time, I thought I'd share the easiest, quickest DIY Halloween decoration that I've fallen in love with.  It's something that everyone will have lying around the house, making it even simpler.

All you'll need its an empty milk carton (plastic) (BE SURE TO WASH IT OUT REALLY WELL!!) & a black permanent marker/Sharpie.

His name is Boo (I'm very original).  Boo is going to have a hundred brothers and sisters really soon. Isn't he adorable?!



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