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02 October, 2014


Evening pretties :)

Just about to prep a nice cheese, pâté, and fruit platter, with some crackers and leftover Insalte Nicoise.  The way we eat in this house, it's a wonder we weren't born either French or Italian but hey, a girl can pretend!

Mads finally got a bank appointment so he could open up an account over here so we headed into central, him from work, and me coming from home via cab.  Was having some pain in my right foot yesterday so I tried to keep off it give it some rest thinking it would go away.  No, no.  Woke up multiple times in the middle of the night and can't put any weight on it today at all.  Lord knows what I've done to it but I sure as heck haven't got a clue.  With my unluckiness and innate clumsiness--why doesn't this surprise me?! ;)

This, of course, meant that when our couch arrived today it suddenly became quite the event with me being home alone and left to my own devices when it came to unpacking and relocating this beast. Not a fan of giving up really, but I wasn't left with much of a choice but to give in and ask the lovely builders/painters we have re-doing our entrance to give me a hand.  Of course, they managed what took me 30 min. to attempt, 30 seconds.  IN FAIRNESS THOUGH THEY WERE THREE. I was outnumbered!

I'm wearing my go-to black (unbranded) maxi dress, H&M peplum blazer, pink Pashmina from Turkey, band those black & silver Zara sandals that I really just can't live without.  They were all I could fit my screwed-up foot in this summer and thankfully the weather is permitting me to use them for my screwed-up foot now! Lucky duck :)



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