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18 October, 2014

Expensive Taste

You all know that feeling when you're really sick and you just have no appetite or taste for anything &/or just feel nauseous?  Very much myself currently but I've found that any time I feel like this I have one thing I feel like eating: sushi.  Daddy says it's cos I have expensive taste hahaha Lucky me, Mads is spoiling me and came home with some goodies for me and treated me to sushi for din din :)

Snacks, sushi, reality TV shows, and loads of love from her boyfriend: what more could a girl ask for?!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :*
Keep those fingers crossed that I won't be all-but chained to my bed for too much longer so that I can go to uni like a good girl and give you guys some posts that are just slighhttllyy more interesting ;)



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