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19 October, 2014

Empties Pt. 2: A post by Lina

*Trumpet = *Doot do do doooo! The overflowing, white wire basket underneath my sink presents to you, Empties #2!

Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion

My skin is always parched after going through Accutane. I was already using body lotions and oils before I started Accutane, but as my skin became drier, St. Ives lotions and The Body Shop’s Body Butters just weren't cutting it. I tried out this lotion to give me instant and long-lasting relief for my rashy, bothered skin and unfortunately, it did not do the job. Usually Nivea is a good-quality drugstore brand, but this product was a disappointment. The packaging is so cheap, especially the unnecessarily giant, plastic pump at the top. The product inside did not provide relief for "dry to very dry skin" as it suggested either.

Bottom line: I felt as if it was a normal, not­-so­-special body lotion with cheap packaging.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner

Titles get to me. ‘Hello Hydration’, yes please!  Gimme some of that moisture!  Or not… 

Yes, the product is sold at a very little price, and yes the product resembled that price.  After putting the product in my hair, giving my scalp a good massage, letting it sink in for a minute and then rinsing it out I found as if it was wasted time and wasted money.  Maybe my hair is just too dry for this stubborn boy, but it hardly even added moisture or softness.  Common, at least a standard drugstore conditioner should offer that.  After use, it felt as if I hadn’t used a conditioner.  The smell was alright, not too heavy or artificial, but it didn’t make up for the product.

Bottom line: This product was not able to provide my hair with even the standard moisture that regular drugstore conditioners provide, I will not purchase again.

The Body Shop Body Butter Mini in Coconut

This is perhaps one of the most spoken about products from the Body Shop.  My conclusion about the Body Butters is that they come in two textures.  One is whipped, creamy and takes longer to skin into the skin.  The second is more solid, yet lighter and in my opinion less nourishing than the first.  The coconut body butter falls under the second category.  It also had such a strong scent--at first very coconutty and delicious indeed but I found myself... get ready for some weirdness... waking up in the middle of the night smelling like cleaning products.  It was definitely the lingering smell of the coconut body butter.

Bottom line:  I won’t be repurchasing this version of the body butter again because of the ‘dry’ texture and heavy, cleaning product scent it turned into the longer I "wore it".

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

Do you know that tingly feeling you get when something thats regularly a little to pricey for your taste, is found on sale?  I happen to have that feeling a lot when shopping at Nordstrom's Rack, and the day I found this cleanser was no exception.  Kiehl's is a trusted brand of which I have only heard excellent reviews.  Needing a new cleanser, I snatched this one up, reduced to $9!  I believe it was the travel size version (usually $10...), but it lasted me from December ­to March.  It was a thick, smooth gel that, when I rubbed it between my fingers for a minute, bubbled up more like a soap.  It gently removed most of my makeup; although after using this product I did still have to use a toner to remove the last of my mascara and traces of foundation.  Another bonus (in my mind) is that it seemed to have no scent what­so­ever, making it good for sensitive skin (usually if you have a strong fragrance present, it irritates the skin because of the chemicals used to give it that smell.  Often the case with cheaper products).

Bottom line:  If someone was looking for a gentle, effective cleanser I would absolutely recommend this product.   In fact, I may repurchase it in the future, but we'll see…I enjoy trying new things.

Boots Expert Anti­Blemish Toner

As you can see, I have used two whole bottles of this stuff.  I like to refer to it as “liquid gold”. Wonderfully cheap, this toner was actually the only thing that was able to rescue my skin when it broke out many months ago.  That break-out was perhaps the worst one I had all year, and after my experience with this product, I cannot bear to ever purchase another toner.  I love and trust this one because it isn’t overly drying and it doesn’t have a harsh chemical smell.  Although it was a miracle worker that one time, it doesn’t prevent breakouts along the way but I also never expect a product to do so due to my past with severe acne and obnoxious oil glands.  

Bottom line: Boots­­ so far, you’re doing it right. 



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