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12 September, 2014

Week #1, Pt. 2: Big City Life

Appointments here, errands there, meet-ups for lunches and drinks.  Busy, but happily settling in, and I think both of us have gotten the hang of where we need to go and how we need to get there on the tube :)

Mads started his job and it seems to be going really well, everyone that I've met from his new company seems really sweet.  And while I managed to get an interview and trial run at a local restaurant they needed someone more experienced.  Can't blame them!! That trial nearly took the life out of me.  Onto the next one!!

Seriously making good use of the bubbly bath AKA my sanctuary after all of these long days.  On the day where I felt creative and awake enough to make something that didn't involve Dominos, a beautiful, fresh, new salad made its way onto my menu and into our bellies.  A great mixture of everything!! If you're looking for a new dish for a light dinner, the ingredients are listed below :)

Salad Ingredients:

-Sunflower seeds
-Parmigiano Reggiano slices/chunks

**Throw some chicken on the pan &  a baguette in the oven plus the classic olive oil & red balsamic dipping mix and NAM NAM NAM.

Had lunch and drinks at the Booking Office in Kings Cross Station (makes me feel a lot better knowing that both me and a born & bred Londoner got lost in there…) with Lily, Jasmin, and finally got to meet Jazz's new man, Prab, and on his birthday no less!  Seems like a lovely guy :)  So great to see Jasmin again, feels like yesterday that I saw her least.  What more can you ask for in a friendship?!

Loads of love,


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