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11 September, 2014

Week #1, Pt. 1: Big City Life

Everything was touch-and-go after I got home from Mama's.  Shower, packing,  a quick power nap for us all, getting ready, and before we knew it, more goodbyes.  With everything being shipped over with the moving company, there was no hassle with luggage but rather a lot of extra downtime in the airport before our short flight.  FEELS LIKE FOREVER WHEN YOU'RE TIRED AND CAN'T SLEEP ON PLANES ANYWHO.

Snaps of our travel to London and the first few days of us settling in.  Ridiculously priced towels for blankets and plastic cups for bowls, the first big grocery store run, our unplanned tradition of having homemade cheeseburgers as our first meal in our new home(s), Christmas coming early for Mads with the arrival of his toys (tools), and all things unpacking.


These people know what's up.

Good morning Denmark…and good morning England!

Our shopping centre <3
I'm home.

A nearly successful bubbly bath.

 So happy he could cry :D


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