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20 September, 2014

That's What People Say

Is it just me or has the otherwise surprisingly prolonged warmth and good weather here in London suddenly taken a turn for Autumn? These past few days have been so much colder, darker…suppose the agenda stands for cozy knits, hot cocoa, and a good read by the candle light, eh?

One last hail to the summer of 2014 coming up tomorrow for you featuring your favourite, cute, little blonde contributor here on Smoke In The Rain.  Get excited!

Been a busy girl today trying to sort out everything with my stolen phone and preparations for my fast-approcahing second start to uni.  I had made a goals list when I decided to move back to Denmark for half a year to ensure that although I wouldn't be directly studying, that I still had methods of keeping those brain juices flowing.  One of the items on that list was to complete all of the politics homework I'd assigned myself and I've made an impressive dent in the remainder of that list, today.

Enjoying some apple slices with peanut butter and a whole lot of water (can't get sick…mustn't get sick…) while working on the US's domestic and foreign policies and listening to some good music.  Homework doesn't always have to be so miserable!

Once I wrap all of this politics work my next task will be the second new format change here within the week. I've had an unfortunate correspondence with the owner of this template and thereby am unable to fix the issues I was hoping to get rid of so that we all could enjoy this new look to the fullest.  I've already become so accustomed/fond of it but the next round will just have to be even better :)


Perfectly portraying an all-too common problem with society in a beautiful, simple, portrait courtesy of Mr. Silverstein.  Couldn't help but draw connections to this and the work from earlier on today.  Hold onto your sense of self and whatever unique thoughts you have--they make you special!  Just not everyone can appreciate and embrace that and that's their loss :)

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