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12 September, 2014


After our lovely afternoon together, Eleanor headed home to get ready before we met up later that night for some Lebanese food round: 2 in Edgware Road with a friend of hers and an attempted night-out in Shoreditch.

We'd agreed to come along in hopes that Mads could maybe meet some of the guys, start building friendships and connections here in London, but, of course, 20 min. before we were supposed to meet up, they cancelled.  Headed out anyways, the starving animals that we always are when in comes to all things food-related, and figured we'd head back home after dinner.  None of that!! Ellie texted us letting us know that they had already purchased our tickets haha

Unfortunately it wasn't really our kind of scene so we headed home an hour or so after we finally arrived (what a nightmare to get there!) to get a good night's rest instead.

Lovely seeing Eleanor and meeting her girlfriends, an experience and a glimpse into a different side of London if nothing but!

Leather Jacket--Topshop
Ankle Boots--H&M
Watch--Michael Kors


It's shaped like a heart! Smashed the life out of my foot on our bedroom door's wooden doorstop in the middle of the night… New place :/


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