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06 September, 2014

Quite Alright: Days 5 & 6

Our last couple of days were spent dealing with the ins & outs of our new tenancy, sorting out a few basic things that'll will mean that there will be less to do once we start moving over, and just enjoying our time visiting an amazing city that in just over a week, will be our new home.

We had originally planned to go out for dinner at a country club right around the corner from Lily's , just the two of us, to celebrate our first year anniversary but we were so, so, so tired that we ended up celebrating by just cuddling in front of the couch and turning in early for the night!! Made up for it a few days after by heading on over for a candle lit dinner and yep, you guessed it, and early night in for an early rise the day following.

Our trip was booked and paid for, us thinking, "How hard can it be? Everyone else can do it!" but once we walked out of Piccadilly Circus station and wandering about for a good 30 min., chasing buses, it occurred to us that we over-thought the overly-simplistic "map" we were given by the company and essentially could have just walked straight ahead for 5 min. to get our papers scanned and tickets issued for our Original Bus Tour of London!!

I think the last time I was on a double-decker, never mind a tour, I was probably around 7 so I was super excited to experience London's greatest bits at a time in my life where I might actually be able to remember it!! It was Mads' proper first time in London EVER so he was all but bouncing around in his seat :)

We had the most amazing tour guide.  Easy to understand, fantastic attitude, and she had the absolute best sense of humour--very British ;)  She made the tour x10 better, hands down!! All of the cool fun-facts that she knew about the city gave different insight to so many of the landmarks and/or pieces of London that otherwise aren't given much thought.  I tried some of them out on born & bred Londoner Lily and she didn't even know them.  Considering myself an insider ;)  We spent roughly 2 and half hours sitting atop a big, red bus in surprisingly sunny weather (how luck could we get?!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Will absolutely be returning to some of the spots to see them from the inside, in greater detail.

Finally, to top off our trip, an extremely entertaining night out at The Drury Club.  Without a doubt, one of my new favourites!! Amazing interior, vibe, music.  Danced until sunrise !



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