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06 September, 2014

Quite Alright: Days 3 & 4

The 19th. quickly rolled around and that meant it was Mads' time to shine!! His job interview was at 10 a.m. so another early rise was in order to ensure we were there a bit earlier.  Took a walk up on the bridge to look over at the river, distract both of us and try to shake the nerves that settled in from the moment we woke up.

His potential new employers seemed so sweet for the brief time I met them before heading outside to let him do his thing.  A mere 10 min. later he pops out of the doorway with his Poker Face on…AND HE GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seems like they'd already decided after their email correspondences and looking over his CV but that this was just to solidify it all and to provide an opportunity for both parties to shoot a few questions.

Couldn't be happier!!! After 3 days in London, all of that hard work, stressing, sleepless nights, and preparations paid off with a flat AND a job all lined up :D :D :D

Headed out to lunch with Lily and Lydia to share the good news.  We all went to the cutest new café that's opened up on their high street.  Very feminine, modern-antique inspired place with all sorts of adorable little bits and bobs for sale.  I did my very best not to purchase the lot and managed to walk out with nothing but a full belly and a smile on my face :)

London's nightlife called us out to celebrate and celebrate we did.  Recovered the next day at Lil's family-owned café.  Adorable picture of me being slightly hungover is indeed provided below.



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