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09 September, 2014

Portobello Market & Lebanese

My sweet wifey, Eleanor, flew in a couple days back and with the news that I'd discovered a Lebanese restaurant around the corner from our new flat, she really just couldn't resist a lunchtime catch-up ;)

I freaked out when I first found it whilst exploring with Mads.  Ellie is half Swedish, half Lebanese and has been going on and on about taking me out to try Lebanese food for ages now so of course I got overly excited to discovered that I have an amazing place just a quick walk away from home!!

She popped in after our landlady left with the man from British Gas to do the annual check to see the flat and then, we were off!!  We sat outside on the little patio area out front to enjoy the beautiful English weather and catchup on the events of the summer before diving into the many starters Eleanor recommended.  Who knew veg could taste that good?! ;)

Stuffed to the brim, wondering what my life was like before I knew what grilled Halloumi cheese was, we ventured onwards looking for the second-hand, antique, and vintage shops I saw during a cab ride out to Mads' job the other day.  Still not sure if we actually found them but we were thoroughly amused by what we did: world famous, Portobello Market.

Unfortunately for us, we arrived around closing time. Fortunately for us, they stayed open a bit longer for us.  This was more than likely because our eyes were all but popping out of our heads at the sight of all of the stunning antiques and jewellery before us, just a 15 min. walk from my front door (uh-oh).

Our first stop was the most amazing antiques store I've ever been in.  Pure silver candelabras, trays, platters, glistening rings, war medals dating back to the 1800's, all sorts of knick-knacks that you wouldn't know what to do with but would gladly buy in an attempt to find out!!  Stunned.  Couldn't stop oo-ing and aah-ing over every piece.

Right next door, there was a fellow with a display of jewellery.  Elegant silver rings, big stones, little stones, every stone! Vintage pieces, handmade bangles.  Stopped in our tracks and spent a good 30 min. scanning the stand for the pieces that would just have to come home with us.  Both of us being easily distracted my shiny things, this was no easy feat but I managed to walk away with two beautiful new rings.

A small silver and gold piece with three flowers on the top, two with Amethyst stones inside of them.  The second a thick silver, one-of-a-kind ring with a masculine vibe to its already unique nature.  Didn't break the bank and with all of the craziness of moving, I thought I should be allowed to treat myself just a bit.  The lad at the stand was so kind and even told us that if we were to be dissatisfied with our purchases or grow tired of them that we could always just come back for a switch-a-too!! My kind of fella!!

After scraping ourselves off of the pavement in front of that table we headed downwards, drooling at the sight of everything from fur coats, leather stores, fresh fruit and veg, to well-known stores such as Office & Kurt Geiger.  I now know what heaven looks like, and it's in my backyard!!

Headed home (Who found a shortcut? That's right…uh-huh, who know her area already?! *Pats self on the back*) and sent Ellie off so we all could prepare for the night ahead inclusive of a black fedora, open-toe booties, and handful or two from my Graze box.  Lebanese food once a day just didn't seem like enough at the time...

I absolutely cannot wait until my mum and my sister come to visit me.  I immediately thought of both of them within two minutes of walking into the antique store (keeping my eye on this one ring for Mama!) and gazing at the never-ending rows of rings.  This place has their names plastered on every street, wall, roof, and sign.

Until that time, if I ever go missing…you'll know where to find me!!



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