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04 September, 2014

Notting Hill: Safe Arrival

Hello lovelies,

We've safety touched down in London as of the 2nd. of September, 2014.  We got the keys to our flat, been grocery shopping and wandered around our area a bit, met our landlord, aannnndddd our stuff is coming with the moving company today in 15 min.!! LET IT BEGIN.  Can't wait to sleep with a proper pillow and have my duvet instead of sleeping with overpriced towels and throw-pillows from M&S :P

Been a crazy 48 hours and it doesn't look like it's going to cool down all too much any time soon with Mads' first day of work coming up around the corner, the flat shopping that needs to happen, appointments here appointments there and then BAM, uni starts.  Wish me luck!  Pictures/posts will follow once I get all of these lovely summery ones out to you all.  Trying my best to give it to you all in as chronological of an order as possible.

Incase you've been wondering where/how I am ;) …or at least what happened to that "constant stream of posts".

Loads of love,


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