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21 September, 2014

Lemon Hair Hi-lighter: A post by Lina

Look what I found for you guys.a ridiculously unseasonal post now that somehow magically disappeared in my "drafts" folder until mid-September!! Can we get a massive, sarcastic, WHOOOO?!

To make myself feel a tiny bit better, I've reminded myself that some people actually live in countries where there's sun more than 3 months a year so this one is for you guys, for anyone who's already gearing up for a holiday vacation to a wonderfully sunny spot, and for those of you, like me, who save things you'd like to try/experience/remember/like in rapidly expanding folder on iPhoto, here it is…


Hi guys :) Hope you've had some good summers!

Here's a trick to help soak-up the last bits of summer sun with this super easy DIY lemon juice spray.

This spray should help to achieve that sought-after sun-kissed shine / the “I just got back from Ibiza last night, no biggie," look (when in reality we were busy eating our own weight in chocolate cake).

The results will vary based on the following:
-how much lemon you use
-how much you spray in your hair
-how long you are in the sun for, and of course
-what hair colour you have.

Being a natural dark blonde, my hair gets golden when I spray a generous amount on my hair along with a collective amount of sun during about a weeks time.  Beware of this though!! One time I literally dowsed my hair in 100% lemon juice constantly and within a couple days time my hair went yellow.

For those brunettes out there, I asked my friend for her experiences with this and she has been fortunate enough to have the red in her hair come out much more, turning her almost Auburn! Even though that might not happen to everyone, we can always pray to the Sun Gods for a miracle. 

Enough chit chat, heres how to do it:

Step 1: Gather supplies. Here I have: a spray bottle, a full lemon, *Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray, a knife, and then just a plain old cutting board.

Step 2: Cut the lemon in half, and then go ahead and half that half. For me this just makes it easier to squeeze out the lemon juice without it being too messy. I ended up just using half a lemon, but you go ahead and create your perfect ratio. 

Step 3: Get the lemon juice into the spray bottle, using whatever bizarre method. Here I demonstrate the classic ‘squeeze directly into the bottle’ and the more nifty (and unnecessarily complicated) ‘squeeze into a bowl, then get yourself a funnel and pour juices from bowl to funnel to bottle’. 

Step 4 *Optional : Add your sea salt spray to the bottle. I opted for adding 1/4 of the amount of lemon juice of sea salt spray. 

Step 5: Find sunshine (direct sunlight) & spray a generous amount of the DIY Lemon Spray onto your hair.  I know I need at least an hour in the sun to see any sort of result. You should be able to tell if the sun has done its job by checking if the hair has hardened. 

PLEASE be sure to condition and nurture your hair after this process, as this can cause your hair to be more brittle and dry.

Thats all for now!




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