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10 September, 2014

Double Trouble

The last two days in Denmark flew by!!

We had the most amazing night filled with amazing people at our goodbye party.  Times like those, you forget all about pictures because you're just stuck in the moment!! I really wanted to take a massive group picture with all of our friends, the family…but time flies when you're having fun! Will have to do a rain check on that one.  The afternoon following (we weren't home again until around 9:30….) we popped into Svendborg for dinner with my grandparents and grabbed the last few things I had there.

The next day I spent running some errands and spending the afternoon with my mum before heading home to pack up and roll on out to the airport at an ungodly hour.

Goodbye's are never fun :( Missing everyone so much already and I can't wait for them to visit us and for us to be able to head back to Denmark once we get some vacation time!


P.S. Stay tuned! More pictures will be added here from the party once I get my greedy little hands on them… ;)


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