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15 September, 2014

Do It Your Way

Goooooooodddd afternoon and a happy Monday to everyone out there :)

I can't believe two weeks have come and passed here in this wonderful city.  Dealing with some proper sh*t to put it nicely regarding our previous flat back home, will keep you posted.  Apart from that, all is well!! Mads finished his first week on the job with flying colours, he seems to be getting the hang of it all and adapting well to his new life here in London.

While he's at work I'm at home sorting out all things financial and making sure we've got everything under control with regards to bills, doctors, national insurance numbers, council tax…all things British! In addition to that, this girl is on a job hunt!! Found the most amazing opportunity that I'm gearing up for now as it's a world-wide position and I just want to make the best possible impression.

On that note, a heads up to all of you lovely Smoke In The Rain readers, expect (yet another) blog formatting change!! Much as I fell in love with this current one, the aforementioned issues just couldn't be sorted out so unfortunately I've got to throw in the towel on this one and on the hunt for something even more lovely and hopefully more easy for us both to navigate!

Sorted through over 20,000 pictures over the weekend in hopes of being able to backup a few thousand "permanently" and to setup some sort of a weekly backup system so that if my sweet baby decides to crash on me again, that I won't be sent into a downwards spiral of panic mulling over all of the information I may or may not lose.  Successful so far with only 9, 818 pictures left on my computer, around 3,000 backed up, and a whole lot of deleting.

Apart from that, I spent my weekend succumbing to my Keeping Up With The Kardashians vice and enjoying the fact that Mads had Sunday off!!

Wishing you all a great start to the week and thanking you in advance for your patience!  Will do my absolute best to ensure that this new change happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible :*



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