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17 September, 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

New TV series update for anyone who has already started uni and in serious need of some background noise/procrastination techniques…or wants a good laugh :)

Not much needs to be said about this show except that it's hilarious, awkward, and the characters are surprisingly well-developed considering the fact that it's an action/comedy show.

Also, Andy Samberg/Jacob (Jake) Peralta is my long-lost brother/love interest. I take one of those back.  Haven't decided on which one.  If you need any proof, two of my favourite moments from Season 1 of Brookyln Nine-Nine so far below.

1.)  Jake catches pigeons (for a reason you'll have to experience) while hitting them with baguettes, screaming, "EAT THE BREAD!!"

2.)  Jake deridingly screams ridiculously off-pitch (can one scream on pitch or off-pitch?) while "strumming" a guitar as an interrogation technique.

Moral of the story.
I'm meant to be a police officer and you guys should watch this show.


P.S. S1 E20 has Danish references smacked all over it and I love it.  Get so proud when little Denmark gets mentioned outside of the tiny, adorable, fairytale-esc. world that is Scandinavia and even more so when in context with America.  That last part is admittedly because it makes me just as proud to be American as it does to be Danish when given some proof that some Americans know what/where Denmark is.

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