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05 September, 2014


Mads' grandmother's 70th. birthday rolled around giving everyone the opportunity to dress to the nines!!

I wore a dress that I've been given/loaned (do we ever really know, girls?!) by my mummy dearest that she bought while she was in Tunisia right when she was around my age with a matching pearl/beaded rope belt and my silver Cinderella shoes.  I've been dying to use it at least just once but never came across a fitting occasion…until then!!

Won't forget Mads' mum joking about how we may as well drive around city hall first…seeing as we were both already dressed :D :D

We skipped that this time around and instead picked up Mads' auntie Liss and headed off.  What a turn out"" I was so happy when made aware that not even the family knew who half of the "family" was because my, my, my…a lot of hands to shake and a lot of names to remember!!

A bit of wine, a bit of food (the cake blew my mind…had to have two…three pieces), and an awful lot of embarrassing and apparently "traditional" Danish birthday music (I wasn't alone in this.  Mads' cousin didn't know the songs either!) meant that I was outside trying to keep up with little Noah (Mads' other cousin's son) and his tendency to run off to find the ambulance every time he heard a siren.  Bless him <3  This kid's mere presence can and will bring a smile to the face of any human with half of a heart!!

Once the party died down (Took its time! These "old people" sure can dance!! I really should workout more...), the cousins+the girlfriends were at it again!! Held a little pre-party at one of their places before taking the town by storm: pt. 2.  What this really means is that us girls had our work cut out for us!! As much fun as it was, I was mentally and physically exhausted after the events that managed to unfold within a 5 hour time-span and judging on how nearly lifeless Mads (and I'm sure the other lads) was the day after…they'd call it a success.  I'd call it a success based solely on the fact that I was held down while having whipped cream "forcefully" pour into my mouth by the cousins.  Much love.

Congrats on the big 7-0, granny! :*



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