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30 September, 2014

1st. Day: University of Westminster

Good evening sweeties :)

I am absolutely exhausted!! This day felt long at around 2 p.m. so by now I'm dragging my feet across the floor, eyes barely open.  An early rise and a bad night's sleep never help with anything but those butterflies in your tummy that hatch out of their cocoons and flutter all through the night, dreaming or awake, always seem to come when I'm gearing up for a big event.

Did my reading and homework like a good girl (though I discovered later on today that our reading schedule is messed up, so I did next week's homework instead of this week's -__-), got up on time (brownie points: collected) and had a bit of a catch-up with a friend from student halls last year all before successfully locating my seminar (a massive feat in itself with 3 different campuses for me and god knows how many different levels).

The change in feeling, essence, is positively palpable this second time around.  Even with bumps in the road, in comparison to last year's attempt at all of this, this time is flawless in comparison!  I've got a completely different mindset, and I've got to admit, a large part of that definitely needs to be accredited to coming home to my lovely boy.  Little things like the unbelievably good weather (c'mon, who'd have thought I'd be able to wear shorts, a crop top, and bare legs on the 30TH. OF SEPTEMBER in LONDON?!) just round that off.

I only had 2 hours/2 seminars today for International Relations and it went swimmingly (even with the slight mishap of the homework/preparations situation).   This class is made up of about 15-20 of use and everyone seems so passionate about the subject and overall really lovely.  It's so cool to be around people with the same interests, the same dreams, and with all of us, we represent the world.  There's a person from every continent (minus Antartica) in just this class alone, amazing!! Our teacher is so invested in her area of work & has a great sense of humour.

Headed home to pay bills (officially on the very bottom of my list of favourite things), buy some stuff for the flat to finally make it into a home, & did some practical things.  Mads came home soon thereafter and prepared an amazing sweet/spicy salmon, veg, and rice dish for dinner and now, Prison Break calls my name as a rest my aching body after a 40 min. work out sesh yesterday followed up by 30 min of yoga.

All-in-all, a really fantastic first day at university here in London.

I wore my good-luck colour pink (I wore it last year too, it's becoming a Legally Blonde-inspired tradition!) in the form of a dusty pink crop top I found this past summer while thrifting with Mummy & Lina, a classic black pair of Forever 21 high-waisted shorts, my black patent Andy Tom Loafers, a thrifted black and silver belt, H&M blazer, fav. Nadri earrings & my go-to Michael Kors silver/gold watch, topped off with a silky black pashmina from my trip to Turkey and a metallic eyeshadow palette.


Note 1:  These pictures were taken in a bit of a rush so if it looks like I was dancing around my room when they were taken, I all but was.  Consider it my way of showing you all my beautiful new (incomplete) bedroom.

Note 2: Not even remotely embarrassed by the mass collection of teddies. 


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