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29 August, 2014

Wrong Word

I hate using the word "last".  It's so definite, frightening…makes everything sound like it's the end when (hopefully) much of the time, it isn't.  As much as I think it's the wrong word, I can't seem to think of a better one.  Without further blabbing, some shots from Lina's "last" day in Denmark this summer :)  We passed the time gabbing, painting (needed some for the new flat of course ;)) , & watching Mary-Kate & Ashley movies before Mads came home and took us out for dinner where we ran into Caroline who came over to say farewell.

Always hard saying "goodbye" (another word I hate. It's not goodbye! It's 'til next time!) and this time wasn't any easier.  Both seasoned travellers, we find it odd that as we grow older, we've both become so much more paranoid and emotional when it comes to travelling.

My best guess is that because with age, comes the realisation of all that you have and how quickly you could lose it.  I know, I know…statistically you're more likely to pass in a car accident then you are in a plane crash but with all of these mind-blowing, tragic events, scattered across the news these days, who can blame a girl for worrying that much more?

Thankfully Lina arrived at home safe & sound--as proven by a picture send my Daddy that captures her "in her natural habitat" sitting on the couch in her PJ's devouring an entire Domino's pizza on her own. *High-five!*

We had an absolutely amazing summer and to see how well her and Mads got on….ahhh, my heart! GAH. Bursting.  Can't wait to see her and my beloved Daddykinz again come Christmas.  Just a few more months to go!!!!!!

All my love,


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