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27 August, 2014


After touching down in Odense again post-Jylland trip and picking up Lina's friend Michaela from the station we met Mads' cousin, Sune, who came over early to help us setup for our planned BBQ/gathering for Caroline's 19th. birthday out on the grassy area we had by our flat.

Somehow within an hour's time we all managed to shower, change clothes, do our hair+makeup, clean the flat, prepare snacks, and setup "camp" before all of our guests came over in the most hysterical delirious states ( 4 hours in a car will do that to you…) The goal was to get everyone to gather around, a mini reunion of sorts, to celebrate Caroline and so Lina could meet some more of my friends.

The boys nearly set the grass area on fire in an attempt to make our BBQ dinner so like any reasonable human being would, the ladies decided to fill up some plastic cups with water from the river (NOT EASY) as a safety precaution.  #teamwork  Thankfully no real damage was caused to anyone or the grassy area and we all ended up having a blast!! Shame we didn't actually manage to take any pictures after everyone showed up :/ My bad on that one.

Shout-out to Michaela for being a total bada**.  This girl carried my crippled self through Odense, piggy-back style, while beating Liban & Lina in a piggyback race.  That just needed to be put out there.  Complete and total shock & awe.

Loads of love,


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