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05 September, 2014

Quite Alright: Days 1 & 2

The time finally came for our much-anticipated week over in London to flat and job hunt.  Lucky ducks that we are, Lily and her family hosted us during our time there and that made it all just that much better.

After setting up for Mads' parents' conjoined birthday party, giving Mads his 1 year anniversary present, running around like a headless chicken trying to get ahold of our real-estate agents, and packing up our remaining things, we took off in the night en route to the airport.

Landing early morning in London where Lily and Daddy picked us up, coffee in tow, we headed home with just enough time for me to have a panic attack after thinking we were already late for our first, and favourite flat viewing when in reality…I'd forgotten to change the time on my phone.  Thankfully we made it there in very good time and fell head-over-heels for this spectacular apartment and the phenomenal location.  To think, that a mere 48 hrs. before we had been given the unfortunate message from our agent stating that it had gone under negotiation.  What luck!!  We saw one more flat just to get an idea as to what else was out there, size, location, etc. but didn't want to risk losing this gem.  A few days, several hundred emails/texts/phone calls later, we sent over a holding deposit and signed under on the offer to rent.

Got my phone contract up and running agains so that I can now actually use my SMARTPHONE (as much as I have loved you, dear, sweet Nokia…), grabbed a few "necessities" in Central, showed Mads my lovely uni, and finally tried the restaurant, Vapiano's, that I've heard so much about.  Well worth the wait :)  This little piggy had a pizza and a chicken Caesar salad all to herself :P

Great start to the week!  Fantastic to be back and with my love by my side to be there to experience this wonder of a city with me.  I guess having Mads there won't be too bad either ;)



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