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27 August, 2014

Luxembourg 2014: The Big Day (Benjamin+Camilla's Confirmation)

Good morning beauts!!

Waiting for the remainder of these pictures might just take another lifetime or two so better give what I've got now, and if we're really lucky, a part 2 will follow in the coming months.

We all started the day off with an early rise, the smell of hair spray and coffee floating through the house as everyone prepared for the big event.  My cousins both look absolutely flawless.  So crazy to see them looking so beautiful and grown up, seeing them as unfortunately little as I do, and to be able to be there to support them and experience an event they've worked so hard and looked very much forward to.

It took place in a modern church with a Danish priestess and they performed wonderfully.  I have to note the impeccable speaking ability of the priestess.  She really knew how to connect with all ages in the audience through quotes, songs, metaphors--a mix of life and religion with a splash of a great sense of humour and I made it through the ceremony without a hitch…though not without shedding a tear.

The reception took place at a stunning restaurant (the outside looked like a castle….then again, so does half of Luxembourg) and the food was magnificent!! Had to break out my French skills when it came down to reading the menu and interacting with 80% of the guests in attendance

There was crazy heat that day so being conservatively dressed in a church for a few hours...I'm most impressed that everyone made it through the festivities without passing out!!  The celebrations continued back at the house where we all-but tore off our clothing upon arrival to change  into something less conservative/warm, popped some champagne, and dove into the pool.  We laid out a few light food/snack options (how we managed to eat after a 5-course meal and two different cakes, I don't know) and sat outside to bask in the heat wave's glory and each others company.

A successful and tiring day that I hope these two not-so-little lovelies will remember fondly.



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