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27 August, 2014

In The Middle Of Beautiful Nowhere Pt. 2

Day two was an all too early rise (we're talking 3-4 hours of sleep…on the floor….with slightly intoxicated people constantly stealing pillows/duvets/sheets/mattresses) but for a good cause.  One of our friends, Christian Friis, happened to have his birthday fall the day after we all arrived and we maaayyyy have all pretty much ignored/"forgotten" that fact.  As far as he knew at least.

The boys kidnapped him and pretty much just drove in circles looking for a bakery in order to give us some more time at home to clean, cook, and decorate for a birthday breakfast table.  The surprise went off without a hitch and needless to say, he seemed pretty surprised/content with it all!!

After breakfast and relaxing outside in hungover company we all decided to head down to the beach for a couple of hours before Mads, Lina, and myself unfortunately had to head home for another birthday/party.  It was a beautiful beach and the water was just perfect!! Of course we hadn't exactly planned on going swimming so let's just say our beach attire was….liberal.  To top all of that off, it was the night before, playing football with the guys, that someone managed to shatter my foot (wrapped by Josephine in CAUTION tape as a makeshift support (her mum's a physical therapist so she actually knew what she was doing)) so I was limping left, right, and centre when I wasn't being carried.  All part of the fun!!



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