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30 August, 2014

In The Middle Of Beautiful Nowhere Pt. 1

Let me just start off by saying that this was one hell of a weekend!!  Poor Mads was stuck in the car with my sister and I for 4 HOURS to drive up to Jylland to the middle of beautiful nowhere for a house-warming party of some new-found friends.

We were originally led on to believe that it was a flat-warming party but as we got further and further away from the city, I guessed that their "flat" would end up being a proper-sized country house and wasn't disappointed!  The disappointment set in when I realised that they were paying less than we were for something x5 the size…though also x50 times further away from civilisation than we were.

This first day was everything you could ask for on a perfect, Danish, summer night.
The scenery wasn't too bad for photo-shoots either…. ;)

Here's the first round of pictures inclusive of our travel up there as well as our first day/night there.



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