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26 August, 2014


My sweet-darling sugar-pie love-muffin-bots,
I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beloved computer's hard disk did indeed fry and is up-and-running again with everything still in tact!! #luckiestgirlalive  Was able to pick it up maybe 2 weeks ago and with barely a spare moment to breathe with all of these moving preparations for London, I know the wait's been long, but hopefully worth it!!  I've got damn-near hundreds of posts for you ever so patient angels that will leave you hanging onto the lingering bits of summer and the beautiful memories that go along with them.

Hope you've all being doing amazingly and sorry for the ridiculously long wait.  Trust me on this one, it was just as, if not more tedious for me to be without my precious for nearly 3 WEEKS.  3 WEEKS WITHOUT A COMPUTER.  IN THE MIDDLE OF A MOVE.  Whatever.  It's whatever. The past is the past! Here's to the crazy-busy future!!

Just got back from London with the boy three days back after the most stressful, amazing, fabulous week there with my dear darling Lilianne and her family and I'm extremely sleep-deprived.  Just as an FYI should I write/post anything completely loopy.  It was so nice to be back and to sort of dip our toes in the water, so to speak, before jumping all the way in--head first--just a mere week later. AND TO HAVE ACCESS TO A SMARTPHONE AGAIN. 

Loads of love,


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