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29 August, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Puppies, getting semi-purposefully lost out in the countryside, fresh fruit & veggies, sweets, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Lina's 1st. time watching it! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!), cuddling, housewifing it uppp before Mads returned home from a wild trip to a festival with the guys in Holland, big Danish lunch, and a picnic.  THAT is how you utilise a beautiful summer weekend…even with a crushed foot.

Wanted to cram in as much mummy-daughter time before Lina flying out so we all voted for a double sleepover!! One night at mum's and one night at mine :)  We chatted about everything remotely significant and got in loads of cuddles and silly selfless.  ANNNDDD I managed to get my ironing done. √ √ √  Mads came home to his favourite dish that I attempt making this for the 1st. time after a tiring weekend away and Louise came over to say hello/"goodbye" for an open-sandwhich lunch and stayed for the picnic dinner us three had outside.

Wonderful moments that turn into memories.



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