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27 August, 2014

A How-To: Lavender Umbrellas

After nearly 20 years of living on this Earth, I JUST learned how to make these adorable, sweet-smelling Lavender brollies this summer.  I remember seeing these in clothing drawers and hung up/placed around the house throughout my childhood and always wondered how to make them, just never got around to it…We all know that feeling, right?  Well, NO MORE WONDERING.  Much simpler than I had imagined, though it does require a decent amount of continued focus (not always my strong suit).

Lavender is a natural moth-repellent, making these little guys perfect for keeping the other little guys far away from your clothing.  If you don't actually have an abundance of moths, they're also great just for keeping your clothing smelling nice.  These brollies/wands date back to Victorian times where the ladies apparently carried them around, waving them under their noses to mask the unwanted doors (they had a few back in the day).  Lavender brollies can last for quite some time, with their pleasant smell always just a quick roll away.  By rolling the bulbous part of the brolly between your fingers, the scent returns.

The how-to's to make your own beautiful little lavender brollies (more commonly known as Lavender Wands) below.


Step 1:  Go out and pick 15-20 lavenders.  You'll only be using 15 of them but it's best to have some as extras.

Step 2:  Strip the flowers of the leaves running up and down the stems and gather them together and tie a knot with a piece of ribbon (20 cm.) just beneath the lowest buds.  Make sure one side of the ribbon leftover after tying the knot is significantly smaller than the other--you'll be cutting this piece off.  Cut the bottoms of the stems so that they're even (if you so desire).

Step 3:  Turn the bouquet upside down and gently bend (use your nail, makes it a lot easier) the stems dow so that they cover the buds all the way around.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK THEM.

It should look roughly like this when you're done:

Step 4:  The rest is simple.  Weave the ribbon over and under every stem, pulling slightly to ensure that the ribbon is tightly woven in.  The first 2-3 rows are the hardest, but after that it gets easy!!  Be sure to double check every so often that you haven't missed one or you'll have to go all the way back and start again!

Step 5:  Once you've woven the ribbon through all of the buds, wrap the remaining ribbon around them once or twice, cut, and glue together.  Use a clothes pin to hold the ribbon and clue together until it has dried.

Step 6:  Cut another piece of ribbon (I believe we used 5 cm), tie a bow, and ouila! LAVENDER BROLLIES.


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