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07 July, 2014

You'll Be Golden

Afternooooon everybody!!

I'm losing complete and total track of the days as they go by, most of the time I don't even know what date it is…that's summer.  Lina's off to visit one of her friends from Paris/Barcelona/The States for the day and Mads is out workin' hard while I'm attempting to restore our flat to its original, recognisable state, budget, setup a few different appointments, and deal with everything these next few months have in store.

Had an amazing weekend with some amazing company and a lot on the agenda.  It's officially been decided that Mads & I won't be flat-hutning in London until August.  Every sign just pointed to July not working out the way that we had expected and August makes more sense at this point anyways :)  Doesn't mean that there's a lack of things to get done!  I've now managed to get sick again but hopefully this passes over in a couple of days.  I'm beginning to think it's the severe weather changes that my body just can't keep up with!

As previously mentioned, I though that instead of schlepping a good 10 kilo of cook books with us to London that it'd be better for me to sort through all of them and take out what I thought would be useful, interesting, fun to try, and type it all up into a personalised menu.  It's nearly done and I'm content with the turn-out so far!  A computer document (will eventually print it out and laminate it) thankfully weighs a whooooolleee lot less than the amount of cook books we've been given/bought/found throughout the years.  Look how pretty my rough draft turned out!

It's actually appalling as to how quickly this place gets filthy, especially when having a proper teenager in the house :D  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having my sister here and I will miss her endlessly when she heads back to The States but if I thought cleaning was a weekly necessity before, I feel like it's an every-other-day necessity now.

It was so beautiful to have the flat literally shining from top-to-bottom…for those 48 hours before Lina came home and the weekend started in full-gear.  I don't know why I ALWAYS somehow end up cleaning right before the weekend….hurts my soul every time to see the aftermath of then having people over for either dinner, pre-party, getting ready, watching football, sleeping over…Especially considering it's more often than not just all of the above.  YA FEEL?!

Off to do grown-up stuff and catch up on Orange Is The New Black.



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