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10 July, 2014

Asian Paella: A Recipe

Goooood afternoon sweethearts!

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful summer day annndd I'm sitting inside downloading some new music and trying to figure out all there is to know about which type of residency Mads & I will have when we move to London, taxes--how to pay, what to pay, when to pay…with all of these new terms, I give it another 15 min. before my head officially explodes.

Lina's here for roughly a week and a half still (where does a month go?!) so the schedule is jam-packed!  Here are some adorable pictures of her in the Vampire Weekend sweatshirt I gave her as a "Good luck with exams!" prezzie as she headed off to Svendborg to visit family and friends.

Also below, a few snaps of the Asian Paella I made for dinner last night as we sat, eyes glued to screen, watching Holland v.s. Argentina.  I sincerely could not decide whether I wanted a Spanish dish or a more Oriental one so, in my head, it's a mix, and a really good one at that!  It was an experiment to say the very least and though it turned out leagues better than expected, if any of you have a specific recipe or tips for either Paella or a Fried Rice dish feel free to  comment below, it'd be much appreciated :D

A little list of ingredients/rough outline of a recipe for you all below:

-Fried rice (put rice on the pan with some olive oil until the majority of it darkens in colour)
-Add any veggies you like (I chose fresh peas, corn, and green pepper)
-Crack 4 eggs and whisk in a bowl--add Paprika
-Pour the eggs over the mixture of rice and veggies, most of it directly on to the pan so that you get a more scrambled eggs effect
-Add a good dosage of Soy sauce over the entire pan (Not too much! Don't want it to get too salty!)
-Add olive oil seasoning as needed while turning everything around in the pan.
-Add chicken flavoured noodles to the pan (I literally just used the package we had in the cupboard…you know, boarding school habits die hard ;) )
-Sautee chicken simultaneously (lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and paprika) on a separate pan until it's cooked all the way through, then transfer it to the pan with the rice and veggies.

**Tip: If you're worried that the dish is getting a bit to spicy for your liking then sprinkle some sugar over the dish.  Sound bazaar, I know, but it's a trick I use in this situation as well as to add a different, unexpected flavour in many others :)

**Tip 2: For ultimate positive effect, dance (not so casually) around your kitchen with a gin & tonic held in your hand to ZZ Ward & Thomas Rhett.

Go out! Enjoy the stunning weather my darlings! & take care :)



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