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03 July, 2014

Never Too Old To Adventure

We went exploring, we went exploooorrinnnggg!!
Exploring is, yes, amazing to do on your own but really, with your blood-related partner in crime? THAT MUCH BETTER.

After grabbing the necessary Durums to fuel us up for our adventure we were off!  Let loose in Odense, my, my, my ;)

This girl has a great eye for some really cool, special places that ordinarily you might miss in the busy every-day lives that we like to use as the constant excuse for not stopping to smell the flowers and both of us, for some strange reason (neither of us are religious, rather, spiritual), love visiting churches.

We visited one of the gazillion churches we have access to in Odense (Sankt Knuds Kirke/Odense Domkirke) and it's one of the most beautiful I've seen even with all of my travelling.  There's just something about it that's special, that makes you feel safe and important.  And it's ridiculously old, which just makes it a million times more beautiful/more bad a**.

Second stop/find was this little nooks & crannies/antiques store that's a good 5-7 min. walk away from my flat.  If I were to allow myself to go wild, I would have all too many extra suitcases filled with awesome, random things that, come the move to London, I won't be all too proud of having bought :D  It was something straight out of Harry Potter!!

It's building dates back to around the 1800's and that became all that much more visible when we asked if we could go upstairs.  Perhaps a strange question if we were in any other store but the staircase leading up to the second story looked like it could collapse at any given second, bringing the entire upstairs down with it!! Stubborn and exhausted, I didn't notice the massive rope hanging down from the ceiling that was there to help you somehow get up (the word steep doesn't even come close) so I looked like something along the lines of a hobbit scaling the stairs.  Lina paid attention, but still looked like a hobbit.  Way too entertaining!

Stop/find #3 was the bridge I've crossed a good hundred times by now, without ever thinking about it's history (even with the placard right next to it).  It's one of the first cast iron board bridges made in Denmark! How wild is that?! I knew Odense was an old city filled with History but to have, essentially a historical land mark in my backyard? Unexpected to say the least.

The final stop of the day before we retired with our ice creams and attempted to fight the noise of the rain/hail with hooking up "How To Train Your Dragon" to surround sound was...*drum roll please* THE PLAYGROUND.

You're never too old to adventure.
The end.



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