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03 July, 2014


Lina and I decided to try to steal some of the on & off sunlight of the day and have a picnic complete with an attempt at playing cards, reading, and starting one of my mad ideas (I want to make a menu compiled of all of the recipes from the boat load of heavy cook books we have that I refuse to bring to London).

All of that failed when Polina said she could come over :D  We enjoyed some sweets, cheese & crackers, wine/breezers and kicked off a girlie night!!

Made a simple go-to salad for dinner (ingredients below near it's respective photograph) and the rest of the evening was gossip/grown-up talk (those two look very weird written next to one another…) accompanied by macaroons, champagne, and a bit of dress-up!

P.S. We're planning a tea-party. #nevergrowup



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