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01 July, 2014

Don't Call My Name

Life is a crazy mix-up of all things stressful, horrific, stunning, and wonderful at the moment so to say that it's kept me occupied might just be the under statement of the year.

Working on cranking out those promised posts for you lot but there's rarely a spare time to sit in front of my computer and blog my little heart out.

Mads is working overtime but we managed to share the duty of cooking today and it all gets done x10 faster…when we are for once, on the same page. 90% of the time it's just me screaming, "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" so it's safe to say we're proud of the successful outcome.

If there's one thing I've done right by this boy, it's introduce him to Mexican food.  It would appear that he even paid attention the times I've made it as well.  Bonus points ;)

Lina's headed off to Svendborg today and I've got a girlie shopping/lunch date with Mads' sweet mummy, Tove tomorrow and a long to-do list ahead of me…At least the rain makes for some motivation.  As do the adorable egg chocolates Mama gave us this past weekend ;)

Loads of love, hope you're all doing well and enjoying your summer vacations! It's going by SO fast!!!



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