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05 July, 2014

4th. of July: Sparks Fly Pt. 2

Sunshine and heat, a bit of beer & wine, BBQ, horses out back…really couldn't have been a better 4th. of July except if it actually had been the 4th. of July!

The property was so adorable with the most amazing view and it was great to see everyone again and to be able to celebrate Thor.  Definitely provided some entertainment with our get-ups and got to see Trine & Thor's massive, cosy, lovely (down to the wallpaper and frighten staircase) new flat.

Somehow in between mingling, line dancing, and stuffing Danish birthday cake in my face, I managed to convince everyone (22 and under that is) to come back into the city with us for a night out I don't think any of us will every forget!!  Possibly because of how we felt the next day…Possibly.

Really happy that my sister could meet everyone from Mads' family and be a part of the memories/bonding/experiences that were made/had.  It wouldn't have felt right without having her there!  Can't believe she's leaving so soon already :(

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and to all my American readers--Happy belated 4th. of July!!



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