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05 July, 2014

4th. of July: Sparks Fly Pt. 1

This post is about as delayed as our actual 4th. of July celebrations were!

Summer…days…dates….basically completely forgot that it was the 4th. of July as celebrations here v.s. in The States--let's just say it's a whole lot harder to space out when you're in the home of the brave!!

Thankfully, Mads had the following day off and we had birthday celebration in the countryside/unexpected night out to ease our sorrows!  Lina, Mads, and myself walked to Munke Mose  park and decided to go on a paddle-boat trip through Odense å.  It was a beautiful and extremely entertaining trip ( I WAS THE CAPTAIN OF THE BOOOOATTTT and we had to exercise) followed by indulging in some Danish ice cream and Lina's #1 list of things to eat, a Fransk hotdog before heading home to country it up!!

The birthday was in honour of Mads' cousin Trine's boyfriend (still with me?), Thor and they'd mentioned beforehand that it was out in the countryside (hint…Em…don't show up in heels) so we took it very seriously and cowgirl-ed up our outfits complete with plaid, daisy dukes, and authentic cowgirl boots.  Stay tuned ;) Part dos coming up next…



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