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11 June, 2014

Tired Lovin'

Good afternoon :)

Today is our last day here, flying back to Denmark this afternoon.  It's been a beautiful trip filled with fast-paced moments and days where it's as though time has stood still.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins showed me some of Luxembourg yesterday and I am so terribly in love!  It is so beautiful!!

Will give you all the photographs once they're sorted through and edited.  Until then, some memories captured from the past couple of days.  Them being inclusive of Benjamin & Camilla receiving their presents from my mummy, daddy, sissy, and myself (the representative :D) that wound up with the whole family in tears, and some from our time spent in the garden/pool.

Hope you're all doing well and coping well with this crazy heat-wave!

P.S.  Waiting to get some more pictures from the confirmation from my uncle…the professional ones won't be available until I'm back in Denmark so it will either be a very delayed post complete with all of them or there will be a few :)


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