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08 June, 2014

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

Good morning!!
Up bright and early in preparation for the big day down here in Luxembourg.  The two little ones (not so little anymore) have their confirmations today and couldn't be more excited!

Camilla's getting her hair done, Benji is still waking up a bit, and the house is in full gear after a lovely, relaxing pool day yesterday.

As my uncle's put it, I couldn't have a picked a better time to visit!  The weather's been up to 30 degrees, and expecting higher, with loads of beautiful sunshine so we've all been enjoying each other's company outside in the backyard and dealing with the final touches for all of the events today.

Going to figure out what on Earth to do with my hair & makeup after one more cup of coffee :D
Unlikely that you'll hear more from me today, but wish us luck!!  Hopefully a successful, beautiful day head :)


Seeing as my grandfather claims he can't taste the difference, we've been switching out all of the expensive wine with the good, cheap stuff :D  Cute old man.  So long as he gets wine, he's a happy camper :)  One of my new favourites that will far-from "break the bank".


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