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02 June, 2014

Turkey 2014: Shopping

I've realised that getting all of the photographs on this trip before the a week was over wasn't a particularly reasonable goal.  Perhaps before summer is over given how many people we were on both phones and cameras….So for now, I'll have to settle with editing and sharing Mads' & my pictures from our vacation to Turkey and surprise you all with a wonderfully large bunch from the remaining family members later on.

Before that time, I thought to share some of what I bought while out and about shopping on vacation.  It might sound weird but I wish we were in a more "traditional" area.  More to see, experience, and the shopping is undoubtedly x10 more interesting/better.  Instead, we were in an extremely tourist-friendly (not complaining!) area where finding and buying the likes of handmade leather, silver/gold products etc. instead of mass-produced souvenirs and fake Nike, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp (you name it, they had it) bags, towels, shoes was near-impossible.

Most of what I ended up bringing home was gifts!! Mummy, of course, had the most  bazaar list of wishes for me to find, and minus her authentic burka, I did pretty well :)

What I ended up purchasing for myself was essentially one item.  In a million different colours. Shock and awe ;)  Can you guess what it is? My official summer must-have item….*drum roll pleaseeeee* Pashminas!!!

They are 80% Cashmere, 20% Silk and I plan to (and have) live(d) in them!!  They're perfect just to bring in your bag incase it gets a little chilly, if you're heading out for dinner, to use as the one accessory you know you're ensemble is missing, use as a throw-over for a special event…

I bought two in black, one crisp white (been using the vanilla/off-white one mummy gave me for Christmas last year a lot but some things simply must match!), a fuchsia, a cobalt blue, a caramel brown, and a flirty n' fun flower printed one.

Apart from that, all I bought for myself was a perfume I've been lusting over for some time, a new liquid eyeliner, a sun hat and these two pictures of Mads & myself.  They are cheesy and terrible but they make great souvenirs from a memorable and humorous trip.  The photographers were HYSTERICAL but when a girl is called Jennifer Lopez, it'd just be rude your turn down that compliment!!

I was such a good girl…I'm surprised too.  Look who's growing up and being all financially responsible ;)



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