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03 June, 2014

Turkey 2014: Part 4

Moments from our time at the pool and at the beach, collectively, before Mads & I, along with  his brother Kent, and his niece, Charlotte, went parasailing!!  I'd never gone before and never thought to try it but as soon as the boys laid their eyes on those smiley-face printed contraptions sailing about in the air, it wasn't a yes or no question :D

I have an extraordinarily strange relationship with my fear of heights, or fear in general I suppose, so I was all in!!  Nervous, but all in.

As we were being strapped in and ready to begin, I couldn't help myself and asked, statistically, how many deaths there were from parasailing.  I'm not sure the lad understood me properly because his response was, "Yes, if you fall into the water--you die."  And off we go!!  Everything was going really well and my fear was well in-check until Mads had to of course, of course of course, once we reached the highest height of our "flight" point out how funny he thought it was that we were being suspended hundreds of feet in the air by ropes, not wires.  HA HA HA.

It was an amazing experience, flying over the ocean, and seeing everything from such a different perspective.  Just as cool….WE LIVED :D  It really is one of those things you have to experience in the moment and I was glad to do so but just as happy when I realised that they'd been taking pictures of us down on the boat!!

One more thing I'd like to cram into this post is that Charlotte is  one heck of a cool girl for trying this! I She came down after her turn with her Dad with the biggest smile on her face insisting that she wasn't scared.  Not at all!  Whether or not that's true, doesn't really matter.  The girl is nine.  NINE. Respect.



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