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03 June, 2014

Turkey 2014: Part 3

Another day, another adventure!!

The whole lot of us decided to go out on an excursion aboard a ship to sail across a piece of the ocean before a lunch break and some beach time before continuing via their local canal to take us to a large market.

Yes, extremely touristy but what else is a tourist to do in a touristy area?  It was a beautiful, cosy, and funny ride.  One thing I will take away from my short time in Turkey is how incredibly sweet, welcoming, and funny the people I encountered were.  Be it the people working at the hotel, the spa, or on trips like this one, they were all so nice and had the best sense of humour!


P.S. One of the guides (the one dancing below in the red shirt) invites us up to dance with him.  I've seen a few of those pictures and a video….My goodness.  Not sure who has it but I can't wait to share it!

Seems legit...


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