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03 June, 2014

Turkey 2014: Part 2

All of my pictures have decided to organise themselves by dates for which make z e r o sense when dealing with actual chronological order.  I've done my best but all of this is a rough sketch of the vacation versus a day-by-day documentation I'm afraid.  Trying new things.

We had a bazaar a 10 min. walk away from our hotel and I, personally, frequented it twice during our stay.  Though it lacked some of the more authentic Turkish goods I lusted for, it was an opportunity to walk around and experience some bits of their culture nonetheless.  Also, they had pashminas, puppies (found my dream dog…just happens to be illegal in a great deal of Europe, ugh), and I was thoroughly entertained.

Evening strolls are hard to turn down when you're so close to the sea and the sunset beckon you from afar.  Can't say we spent all of our time just lounging by the pool ;)



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