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03 June, 2014

Turkey 2014: Part 1

At last!  All of Mads' & my pictures have been edited, sorted through, and organised accordingly so that they'll fit into these next 5 posts (in total) v.s. overwhelmingly in perhaps just one or two.  I've made it so that each post will consist of 40 pictures--a large sum, but hopefully an enjoyable one at that.

We picked up our exchanged money, dropped Louise off at the station and said our temporary farewells, finished packing our things, got all dolled up, and headed to Mads' parents' for a late mini-dinner, some coffee, games, and cuddles with the pup, before driving to Billund Airport and heading off!

It was a trip with many unexpected moments, new friends & acquaintances, milestones, accompanied by lots of beer, laughs, and love.  Nothing else is really needed for a vacation :) 

These first few pictures are from the night/morning we travelled and after we landed in the smouldering heat that Turkey had to offer.  Though things didn't turn out as planned or expected regarding our hotel, we took it in stride, made the best of it all, and let the vacation begin!


His brother kept telling me to smile….
I have a pretty smile, yes? ;)


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