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03 June, 2014

Thunder & Lightning

After a fun night out with Louise, Caroline, & all of the boys, followed by a scrumptious brunch, Mads and I went to see my dear, darling Mama dearest.  Ask the kid, I've been missing my mummy!!  She's my best friend and to go without her, even for the little over a week that I was away, is hard.

It was time for a serious mother-daughter (+boyfriend ;) ) catch-up time paired with the usual over-consumption of sweets, coffee, and sheer humorous insanity that inevitably follows any conversation we have.  Though it was cloudy and humid when we left, upon our arrival it was nothing but sun, sun, sun that we thought to appreciate down at the beach and out & about outside.

To put it into her words, it was more like a "kindergarden excursion".  We are all switching between being 40 & 4 at the moment but rocks need to be climbed, thrown across the water, and the shells aren't just going to pick up themselves!! ;)  Nature is so entertaining.  Who knew that buttercups shown yellow if you hold them under your chin?  Or that there are leaves that once detached from the tree, if thrown up into the air, propel downwards in a helicopter-like fashion?!  Probably everyone who didn't grown up in America….Reliving my youth.

Had a fantastic time, she loveloveloved her goodies from Turkey, and both Mads & I walked away with presents of our own.  She found two perfect summery white tops for me and yes, the giant pink/orange box that I somehow coincidentally matched my nails to before our arrival would be for us two to share.  Leave it to my mum to not only out-do me with presents, but to already go over-board for our 1-year anniversary before it's even rolled around!!

Can't wait to see her again once I'm back in town after the excursion to Luxembourg in 2 days for some more memory-making!  Got to squish 'em all now seeing as we are moving in JUST OVER 2 MONTHS.  I never want summer to end now that it's begun but simultaneously we are freaking out about London-town :D


I'm a mermaid.


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