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25 June, 2014

Random Love

The goodies Lina brought home for Mads & myself can't be described all that much better than with these two words: random love.

Lina and gift-giving is one of my favourite things because everything, no matter how completely random, bazaar, ugly, stunning…it all comes straight from her thoughtful, massive, giving heart.

This time around I was treated to the following:

-A recipe book that requires one main ingredient: NUTELLA.  There are some cool and really unexpected recipes in this that I cannot wait to try!  Hopefully at least one while Lina is here :)

-The Urban Outfitters giant tooth toothbrush holder


-The most delicious smelling Raspberry (my favourite!) body scrub (I asked at least 6 times if I could eat it)

-Seaweed facial scrub for Mads (I worry about his skin with all that it's exposed to due to his job aaaanndd as we all know here at SMITR, Lina is the perfect go-to girl for all things beauty related.  She chose this therefore we will cherish this!)

-Alpaca fuzzy socks (Hand-made, from Peru)

-An Alpaca keychain made of Alpaca for Mads (Hand-made, from Peru…not pictured. Unfortunately have no clue where it's ended up!)

-An beautiful Aplaca (she really like them…who could blame her?!) water-colour painting for us both (Hand-made, from Peru)

The most random gifts I've ever received in one go and I LOVE THEM ALL.  Thanks babygirl <3



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