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03 June, 2014

My Big Fat Greek...


In the madness that was preparing for Turkey and all else to come (with the added "bonus" of my camera refusing to sync up to my computer) I completely forgot to share some snaps I took of the delicious Greek dinner mama made (and I watched, attempting to learn…) for us all before we left on our vacation.  It's got a bit of Danish flair as my grandparents can be some picky eaters when it comes to anything that's, well, not Danish meatballs and potatoes ;)  I opted for a simple, summery chic look consisting of: a silky, raspberry-coloured Storm & Marie blouse with cut-out sleeves, my favourite high-waisted Topshop jean shorts, and some white sandals paired with my basic daily jewellery--MK watch, Pandora Bracelet, the usual array of rings+ staple necklace, and my Nadri hoop earrings.  The rest of the delicious details below…



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