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04 June, 2014

Lux+Zara Sandals

All packed up and ready to go…this time.

These two were supposed to have shown up before my trip to Turkey, as paid for, but no, no!!  The only time I've experienced something like this with Zara.  They had tried to deliver them when neither Mads nor myself was home but failed to mention it either via e-mail, SMS, or that magic piece of paper the postman usually always sticks smack in the middle of your door.  Two days after I'd expected them to arrived I decided to check up and they were ironically enough stuck in the city I was flying out of--Billund.

Mads ended up treating me for our anniversary and bought me two beautiful new pairs of sandals for our trip to Turkey.  To think, I didn't own a single pair of sandals.  Well, flat sandals, apart from some my mum had loan me.  Now I'm all set!!  Since they didn't make it to Turkey, it's only fitting that they come with me to Luxembourg.  I went from zero to five :D  Can't really complain :)

They are so perfect and they fit like a set of gloves!!  I nearly always wear brown with gold and black with silver so when I saw these, my credit card couldn't have ended up in my hand any faster!!  One of those weird fashion "musts" for me.  So particular when it comes to mixing gold and silver, brown & black.  A final positive note regarding my closet's new additions--Zara's packaging still gets a massive thumbs up from me.  It's simple, elegant, but still beautiful.  Effortless effort put into it that makes receiving a parcel that much better.

Mads and drove down to Svendborg, had dinner and coffee with my grandparents (whom I'm travelling with), and my Chubby Bunny & I said our "see you soon"'s.  Break out the waterworks!!  Looking forward to head down to see the fam. in Luxembourg, especially my two talented, adorable cousins.  They grow up so fast!!  Tiny bit heartbroken that I'm missing Distortion though.  JUST A TINY BIT.

Well, aiming for a relatively early bedtime, loads to see to in the days to come :)

Loads of love & nighty night,


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