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04 June, 2014

In The Summer, Summer: Part 1

I arrived in Hillerød a little to 9 in the evening the day that we landed in Denmark post-Turkey trip for a 3 day stay with my family.  Helene & little baby Louie arrived a couple of days before me and both the boys (my cousins Anders & Andreas) were both home.  The timing couldn't have been any better!!

In the time I was there it was really just focused on spending time with my family so the schedule was very relaxed :)  Babysitting, seeing Anders' school & Andreas' apartment in Copenhagen, enjoying my auntie Pernille's cooking, a bit of shopping for Helene, & a trip to the Danish Royal Family's Fredenensborg palace.  Time went by so quickly (maybe due to severe lack of sleep at this point) but it was so great to see everyone again and I hope to bring Mads along successfully some time later in the summer for another visit before London.



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