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20 June, 2014

I love to say, "I told you so"


Had a great final day in Helsingør yesterday.  We packed up our things and went to see Mads' brother at his new job, had a bite to eat at this adorable restaurant and then I was reunited with my wifey, Eleanour!! Realised that she was a good 20 min. away from me in Helsingborg, Sweden and that a reunion was most definitely in order!!  Although we only had an hour, a quick coffee and some catch-up isn't the worst way to get time to fly.  SO NICE SEEING HER AGAIN!! Missed this girl, can't wait to be back in London with her.

Headed to the airport, treated Mads to his first Starbucks (my name is apparently Mini…extremely adorable though extremely far off),  AND GREETED LINA!!!!!!  Shared music tastes the entire way home before I whipped up some burgers (wouldn't want her to feel too far from home!) and we all hit the hay after a long, long day.

Poor little thing's apparently been up since 3 A.M. so I've finally managed to put her down for a nap!
It's so freaking good to have her here! Missed her more than I can put into words.





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