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03 June, 2014

Good Girl

Good evening beauties :)

Been a very good girl today preparing the remaining Turkey-related posts as well as those from Hillerød…and a few extras for you extremely patient and oh-so-loyal lot.  Thankful.

My babe has been working overtime and is absolutely knackered so he turned in nearly right after dinner.  I can only take it as a good sign for us that even whilst I was away in Hillerød for a mere 3 days that it was hard not seeing and being with one another.  This next week away won't be fun but hey, we managed when I was in London and when I was in America for the holidays last year so I guess we better suck it up!! I can take a t-shirt of his and he can sleep on my side of the bed with the duvet: problem solved ;)

Finally finished my new (and hopefully improved) budgeting/financial overview system for last month, onto this one!!  Enjoying a few saved-up episodes of "Reign" & "Nashville" while packing for Luxembourg and hopefully getting to bed before it's 3-something o'clock in the morn.  I am so very, very bad at vacationing!

All my best,

P.S.  If I have problems with internet in Luxembourg I might actually have a nervous breakdown.  Posts will likely be delayed due to the schedule laid out during my stay but I will try my best.  It's so much more difficult and time-consuming to have to do a week's worth of posting in a few days versus just doing it as it comes.


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